18 Weeks!

Sorry for the lack of activity in the past month. Alex and I have had quite a bit going on (as usual.)
Between my loss of hours at work, Alex getting sick, me turning 21, the loss of a family member, trying SO hard to get this new job (we’ll have the official answer in just a few days!), and normal day to day stuff.. I haven’t had time to sit down and just blog.



Baby is the size of a sweet potato.
I crave A LOT of mac n’ cheese, french fries, bread, burgers, sweets, and vanilla coke.
Just yesterday, Alex and I FINALLY felt baby kick! It was the most beautiful moment. It makes me that much more excited for baby to get here ♥
No symptoms really.. Just normal growing and stretching pains.
I’ve recently started sleeping with a body pillow that my loving hubby to be got me for my birthday. It. Is. WONDERFUL. It allows me to sleep comfortably on my side without rolling over too far onto my stomach.
 Still don’t know our gender.. Patiently waiting until I no long have to call my love bug “baby” or “it”.. Hopefully at our appointment in a week and a half we can finally just KNOW!
This was taken at our sonogram appointment at 14 weeks and 2 days. Little baby is much bigger now. Wiggle butt doesn't like to listen (to mommy or the doctors) and likes to lay upside down!!

This was taken at our sonogram appointment at 14 weeks and 2 days. Little baby is much bigger now. Wiggle butt doesn’t like to listen (to mommy or the doctors) and likes to lay upside down!!

This is so surreal. Half of the time I feel like I’m not actually having a baby and that this is all a dream or something.. And then baby moves and it’s like a snap back into reality.
Alex and I get more and more excited every single day and we can NOT wait for our little baby to get here.
Mommy and Daddy love you little angel. We can’t wait to meet you ♥
– Cecilia and Alex ♥

How I make my relationship work 101

People often tell me that Alex and I make being in a relationship look easy. I’ll be the first one to tell you that relationships (yes, even mine) are a lot of hard work. 

As much as I’d love to tell you that relationships are all rainbows and butterflies, I can’t. I am constantly working on our relationship so that we can stay happy. 

We’ve been raised with this false belief that the perfect relationship is easy peasy lemon squeezy, but it’s not. The perfect relationship is two people willing to do whatever it takes to keep their love alive. 

For example, Alex and I fight.. A lot. When you live with someone and spend literally every second together, you’re bound to argue. That being said, it doesn’t mean that I love him any less. In fact, with each argument our love grows stronger and stronger. We grow closer and learn from our mistakes. We learn the words, phrases, or questions that start arguments and we learn how to avoid them. 

Part of being in a relationship is working with your partner to create better communication between the two of you. If your communication is weak, your relationship will be as well. Alex is literally my best friend and vise versa. We tell each other EVERYTHING. No joke. I truly believe that without our ability to communicate with one another, our relationship wouldn’t be half as amazing as it is now. 

To follow up on the “best friend” thing a little further, I know without a doubt that he will always have my back. If I’ve had a long day and need some after work cuddles, or his car breaks down and needs me to take him to work everyday, or even just if it’s storming and I’m freaking out.. We’re there for each other. Always. This is so important and i can’t elaborate enough, if your partner feels that you aren’t there for them or don’t care that they need you, they will start to feel lonely in the relationship. What do people do when they start feeling lonely? They find someone to make them not feel so lonely. Plain and simple. 

To break it down for you, there are 3 simple steps (there are definitely more, but these are my big 3) to making a relationship work.

  1. Learn from your mistakes. Arguments are inevitable, but you need to learn how to grow from these as a couple. 
  2. Communication is key. If you can’t talk to your partner, how will anything ever get accomplished.
  3. Be there for your partner. When people start to feel lonely or like you don’t care, they go and find someone to keep them company. 

Relationships are a lot of fun, but they aren’t all fun and games. They are a commitment and something we all need to work on. But in the long run, won’t all of that hard work pay off when you get to be happy with the one you love? I think so.



Leaving Neverland

As the days, months, and years go on, I start to notice more and more how much I hate being an adult. 

Seriously though.. How often do you stop and think “man I just LOVE being an adult.” I can tell you that if I have ever said this, life quickly caught up to me and I said nevermind. 

Between bills, work, dinner, and trying my hardest to give my finacé and myself the best life we can have, life can get pretty stressful. And how often do I get to sit down and just enjoy life? Not very often. I feel like there is always something going on or something going wrong. 

Lately this seems more true than ever before. Allow me to put it into list form for you..

  1. I told you about how I had those two interviews for that job? Never got my call back.. I was supposed to receive it by last Friday. So I get the joy of going to job search sites applying for every job possible. Every. Single. One. I guess I don’t really “need” a new job, but having a job that paid better and didn’t make me absolutely miserable would be ideal. 
  2. Alex’s car completely broke down.. I guess his radiator cracked and spewed fluid all over and then when he got back in his car and hit the brake pedal it went completely to the floor. So as he’s pulling into his work his brakes gave out on him and he basically had to roll through a stop sign. Now we’re back to me having to drive him everywhere.. Even though I don’t have enough gas as it is. 
  3. All of our money goes to bills. ALL OF IT. First paycheck: rent and sprint. Second paycheck: electric, at&t, usaa, and groceries. We MIGHT get a tank of gas out of that.. or a nice date to the movies. Priorities. 

When you’re a kid being a “grown up” sounds like the greatest thing in the world. As time passes and your responsibilities start to multiply, you quickly realize that this is not the case. We were all too quick to leave our childhood behind and grow up. Looking back I wish that my childhood has lasted just a little bit longer. 

I should have listened to Peter Pan. 



The story of us

Now that you have gotten to know me a little bit, I think it’s about time I tell you the story of us. The start to finish on how I met the love of my life!

It all started in high school. I was a senior and he was a junior. It started because we had a classes right across the hall from one another. He saw me through the window on the door and (as I’m told) he instantly knew that he had to be with me.

He spent the next few months trying to catch my attention. **At this point in the story I feel I should point out that I was in a “funk” my senior year. I had gone through a bad break up and I really didn’t believe that I would ever find anyone. So, I didn’t try. At all.** He would go to the bathroom before lunch (that was the period that we were right across the hall from each other) and he would fix his hair and brush his teeth. We had a mutual friend, Brandon, who he tried getting to talk to me for him. He never did.

Alex would find every excuse possible to try and talk to me. This is how our first “conversation” went..

Alex: “Hey, don’t you live down the street from me?”

Me: “No. That’s my best friend’s house. Aren’t you that guy who always walks your dog in front of her house?”

Alex: “Yeah, that’s me.”

Simple as that. I later found out that he actually changed the route he took his dog on so that he could walk past what he thought was my house hoping that I’d see him. And I did. And after awhile.. I started looking for him.

Jump forward a couple of months to when I started college. I didn’t handle the transition to college very well. I was constantly alone and wishing that I had someone to talk to. Alex has posted a status on Facebook that read “Favorite movie – The Lion King(:”. I commented saying “Let’s be friends <3”. That was basically that. We were friends.

Alex began texting me all the time. Slowly but surely we started falling in love. **Now that “funk” I was in kept me from completely giving my heart to Alex. Whenever I felt myself getting too close, I’d stop talking to him, but it would only last for a few days.** One day Alex got tired of my ignoring him, so he stopped talking to me. I tried and tried to get him to talk to me again.

One weekend I literally tried none stop. This was the moment I knew I loved him.. I was at my best friend’s house and I was freaking out. I asked her, “what to do I if he doesn’t want me anymore..?” After not saying anything for a few minutes she answered, “I honestly have no idea..” I cried. The whole way back to my dorm room I cried.

I sent him that one last text. The one that if he didn’t answer I would just give up. But he answered. He still wanted me. And now, he is all mine. Forever ♥


This ended up being a longer story than I had anticipated, but it is my favorite story of all time. I hope you enjoyed it.

– Cecilia


I thought we were adults

Sometimes it feels like no matter how old I get, some people never quite grow up.

I have (more like had) this “best friend.” Kathryn. I love her to death, but our schedules completely clash and we never have time to see each other. Actually, that’s not true. Alex and I try so hard to have her and her fiancé over just about every weekend. We’ll always make plans for them to come over and then after we’ve been waiting for hours they finally have the decency to let us know that they won’t be coming. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

After months of this going on, one of Alex’s friends had met a girl (Alicia) and asked if she could come over with him so that we could meet her. We both enjoy having friends over, so naturally we allowed her to come over. (I feel I should also point out that we Alex’s friends come over they don’t just stay for a night or a day, they’ll stay for a week or so.) So, after spending about 2 weeks with this girl her and I became very close. 

It amazes me how a simple post on instagram can make someone go completely psycho. “We almost died together.. We have to be best friends” is literally all it said. Simple as that, and Kathryn lost her marbles. He started deleting me off of social media and basically completely shut me out. A day or two later I started receiving phone calls and text messages from her and her new “friends” telling me how I’m a terrible person and how I’m never going to have any friends. I got told that I don’t love my mom (wherever that came from) and that my life doesn’t matter. 

After a few days of these horrid texts and phone calls, Kathryn decided that she wanted to be my friend again. I respectfully declined. Now, before you all think that it’s completely my fault and I should have just excepted her apology, there is something else you should know..

Before Kathryn, I had another best friend. Alisha. Well, she completely RUINED MY LIFE. She tried to tear apart my relationship, she lost me a few of my friends, she turned my church against me, and she made complete strangers hate me. Our friendship ended terribly. So, what does this have to do with Kathryn? Well, as soon as Kathryn unfriended me on Facebook (so tough, I know) she decided that she needed a new friend. And who (OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD) did she pick? Alisha.

As soon as I learned this I was done. I could not believe that my so-called “best friend” would do that to me. And then she had the audacity to come to my house (even after I told her I did not want to speak to her), sit outside for 30 minutes, yell at my finacé, and then when he confronted her about the Alisha thing.. all she had to say was “well, she’ll have to learn to deal with that.” No. No I don’t. If she can’t live with the fact that it is acceptable to have other best friends, then I don’t have to deal with her stabbing me in the back. End of story.  

Maybe I am overreacting a little bit, but I feel that I have every right to do so. Time to move on and be happy. 


But in other news, meet my new best friend. Alicia is truly the most understanding, sweetest, funniest, most caring person I’ve ever met in my life. She just gets me. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but we just had this connection from the very first time we actually sat down and had a conversation with one another. I love her to pieces and I’ve missed her every single day she’s been away at college ♥

I promise I’ll get better at posting. I’ll try to do at least every other day! 

– Cecilia

New opportunities and a chance for things to get better

When your significant other and you both work only part time, getting all of your bills paid can get rather stressful. After rent, utilities, food, gas, and other expenses, we are left with no money at the end of the day. So what option do we have?

We’ve both been searching through numerous job search sites and came up with nothing. Until about a month ago. I came across an ad for a full time bank teller just down the street from my house. I’d be stupid not to put in an application, right? So a week or two later I got a call, set up an interview, and was on my way.

Today I just had my second and final interview. It sounded promising, and I thought both interviews went well. I was the last of the candidates and they should have their answer by the end of the week. (Fingers crossed!!!)

Getting this job would change so much for us. On top of getting WAY better pay and more hours, the job will also come with benefits, a regular schedule, and sundays off (plus every other saturday!) We would finally be able to move into a better place, plus still be able to save some money for our future.

I am so excited to see what is in store for my little family. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.